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I'm here to tell you my fondest Dodger memories, and to vent my frustration (when applicable). Thanks again for reading!

The Boys In Blue Visit Disneyland

Photo courtesy of my good friend Sergio.

First off, I'd like to thank the #DodgerFam on twitter and instagram for contributing to this post. Make sure you go follow @Analogkid81, @amaravilla1 and @dgdodgersfan, I appreciate it guys. 

Also a very special thank you to my very good friend, and cigar aficionado Sergio Guzman (@sergeguz on instagram) for providing the great photo for this post. Cheers brother! 

Let it be known. Los Angeles belongs to the Dodgers. After a rough start to this series, the Dodgers took 3 out of 4 against the Angels of Anaheim. Not only did the Dodgers win the series, but I also won a free lunch. Pay up Josh, I'm hungry! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014, Dodgers 2, Angels 1: Dan Haren's Revenge

Before I get to the meat of this post, DAN HAREN? What just happened? He threw 7 1/3 Innings of 1 run ball? Folks on twitter have convinced me that it must of been Clayton Kershaw pitching right handed in a Dan Haren mask because wow. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014, Dodgers 7, Angels 0: Ryu Shuts Out Anaheim

Offense returned and the pitching, again, was solid. Ryu pitched great, and only on 4 days rest this time. Puig's catch by the way: Game changer. You felt even watching on TV that it completely deflated the stadium. Taking both games against the team with the best home record is a nice little side note. 

Okay, so  I asked followers on twitter to let me know how their experiences in Angel Stadium were over the past couple of days. Benny Amesquita (@Analogkid81) gives us a rather unique perspective. "Before I give my opinion of the stadium let me say first, that I go to stadiums with the intention of catching baseballs. So this already puts me in an awkward position as most stadium ushers watch me with a close eye." he wrote in an email. The more I think about it, the more I understand what he means. It has gotta be like you can almost feel every users stare on the back of your neck and all you want is to catch a baseball. He also points out that if you do go to Angel Stadium in anticipation of catching a home run, there are some obstacles. "My only bad opinions are from a ball hawking perspective. Left field sucks because the bullpens are located right in the power alleys which eat up all the home runs. Left center is horrible because the view is obstructed and balls bounce away from the crowd towards center field." And with that 18 foot high wall in right field, you're gonna need some luck. 

Alex Maravilla (@amaravilla1) notes how plenty of Dodger fans made the short trip to Anaheim. "Attending the LADvsLAA game as a visitor was fun! Angel fans were respectful for the most part. I guess being surrounded by Dodger Blue Faithful played a huge role in how I was treated as well. Looking forward to the next freeway series!" Benny had a similar experience as he wrote "Actually I feel I get more of the 'oh he's a Dodger fan, lets be careful' vibe from people." That is a rather unfortunate sentiment with alot of non Dodger fans that I think we're all used to by not. A few bad apples really do ruin the whole bunch. 

Overall tone of Angel Stadium? Dodger friendly. It might as well be Dodger Stadium South. (PetCo Park has be a close 2nd to that though. Maybe Dodger Stadium, San Diego Edition)

There is a whole lot of blue here...

Dodger fans in Anaheim.

I need your help. I would like to try a new series of posts where I get feedback from Dodger fans in other MLB parks. Being as it is the closet one, we'll start in Anaheim. I want to know how you guys are treated. Were the hometown fans respectful or rude? Were you comfortable or nervous about showing your Dodger pride? Did you roll DEEP? Let me know! I will also be happy to include any pics you want to have featured on here. I ALWAYS see Dodger fans on the telecasts while watching the Dodgers on the road and I'd like to here from you! Feel free to comment on this post or you can reach me on twitter, which should have a link on here somewhere, instagram, or email. Here are the links:

Thanks guys, and as always GO DODGERS!

"...All I Need Is A Great Big, Congratulations!"

How 'bout that. Matt Kemp is back? I alluded to it (albeit, very briefly and perhaps too subtley) that we should all be excited. He's hit 5 home runs in 6 games. If this is what a healthy Matt Kemp looks like, WOW. Let's hope when he cools off, an he will, he can still be productive. Very nice to see this version again. Congratulations Mr. Kemp!! 

Oh lord. Anyone out there who didn't see this coming? The man is on another level right now. Here's back to back NL Pitcher of the Month awards to go with your back to back complete game victories. Congratulations Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles loves you.